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F.I.T. Breaks

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F.I.T. Breaks

"A Guide for Teachers, DVD Video and Audio CD package developed by Dr. Larry Katz, an educational psychologist, and Kinesiology researcher and children's fitness expert, Dr. Tish Doyle-Baker."

F.I.T. Breaks can be used in many different ways with both small and large groups in the classroom, the gym, the school assembly hall and outdoors. F.I.T. Breaks can be teacher-led or student-led; they can be spontaneous or planned; theme- or activity-related; they can be used as a stand-alone activity or they can be integrated with the curriculum. All that is required is some music, an Audio CD or MP3 player with speakers, and students with a little creativity and lots of energy.

To help you prepare F.I.T. Breaks, the following resources are provided:

In this Guide for Teachers, discover a wealth of ideas, lesson suggestions, 19 activity themes, as well as some music suggestions and lyrics.
A DVD with videos of a teacher-led and student-led F.I.T. Break, along with a bonus video clip of children learning how to ride a surfboard.
An Audio CD with 10 tracks (6 with lyrics and 4 without).

To help you understand and use this program, we have chosen surfing as an activity or theme to illustrate the progression from a teacher-led to a student-led F.I.T. Break session. The lesson plans consist of a series of activities choreographed to the song Surfin' USA by the Beach Boys, with music and lyrics by Chuck Berry. By watching the teacher-led video on the DVD, you should immediately understand the concept and the process. When you are comfortable with the process and ready to get started, please go directly to the lesson plan activities (p. 59). However, we encourage you to first read this Guide for Teachers which provides a wealth of background information.

Getting students actively involved in F.I.T. Breaks should be as exciting for them as telling them it is time for recess!

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