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Interactive Volleyball

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Interactive Volleyball

Developed with internationally recognized coaches, this program contains over 400 full motion video drills and coaching aids that enable the creation of viewable and printable lesson practice. Select from over 400 volleyball drills ranging from basic drills for volleying and serving to complex transition drills for elite-level teams.

What is the Interactive Volleyball Software?

The Interactive Volleyball software provides an interactive experience for all who use it. The software provides users with background and introductory information on the basics of volleyball and the optimum strategies for preparing practices and lessons, and for teaching and coaching volleyball players. In addition, the software contains a database of many different drills, and a practice/lesson planner that allows you to effectively plan your practices and lessons while ensuring that you have allotted time to cover your stated objectives.

Why would I use the software?

The Interactive Volleyball software will become in-expendable to all who use it. The software is designed for both beginner and experienced coaches and teachers. The usability of the software enables the user to save time preparing for the training session. The software can also be used with one student or with all of your students. Example practice plans and lesson plans are provided to give you ideas on how to integrate the software into your coaching/teaching.

After purchase, you will be provided with a link to download your software for either Windows or Mac. QuickTime video software is needed on Windows. You can download it for free here.

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