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Savvy Behavior Toolkit

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Savvy Behavior Toolkit

This product contains three tools that will help you to effectively manage student behavior in the classroom and school-wide. It consists of three separate but related programs.

1. Managing Behavior

Managing Behavior presents videos, case studies and planning tools to help teachers and administrators develop unified, consistent and effective classroom and school-wide approaches to creating safe and positive learning environments.

2. Writing Effective IEPs

Writing Effective IEPs is an Interactive Seminar for Writing Learning Goals for Special Needs Students. It includes everything you need to develop effective goals for your special needs students. This seminar includes Powerful Flash animation tutorials that verbally and visually explain how to develop the best Goals, Objectives, and Assessment Strategies for your students.

3. IEP Maker

IEP Maker is a Powerful Data Base Application Tool Designed to Manage all your
IEP Writing Needs. Once you have produced all of your great IEP Goals you do not want to have to waste your time writing them over and over again for each student! IEP Maker is a database application, so all of your hard work can be banked and used in any students’ IEP. All student IEPs are in the database so you can enter student data once and have it available for other situations.

After purchase, you will be provided with a link to download your software for either Windows or Mac. QuickTime video software is needed on Windows. You can download it for free here.

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